An obvious part of my role (and one of my favorites!) as Centerpoint Institute’s Founder is to spread the word about our mission and impact. Everyone I meet, professionally and casually, learns at least some small aspect about our vision, our client base, and our commitment of a holistic approach to career development. It’s easy to start with a line or two description of our concept, and more often that not people become very interested and want to hear all about it! If it’s not for their own interest, for friends or family that need to make a career change. I feel like we all know at least 5 people at one time who are struggling with their connection and energy to their current vocation.

Introducing Centerpoint is the simplest of solutions! The easiest way for someone to get to know Centerpoint is to schedule an introductory counseling session—a free, 30-minute one-on-one with a career counselor to mutually explore the needs of a new client and how Centerpoint’s services can help. Think of the impact Centerpoint had on your process of navigating change…and then imagine how a simple introduction could have a similar impact on a friend, family member, or colleague. If you had a transformative experience at Centerpoint—pay it forward! Introduce Centerpoint by suggesting the Introductory Session and everyone wins!