The Centerpoint Difference

Your life isn’t just a job—make what you do, fit who you are.

Founded by Carol Vecchio in 1992, Centerpoint Institute for Life and Career Renewal created a unique approach in guiding you to design a life you love. We take a holistic approach to helping you achieve your personal definition of happiness. Our remarkably successful Career and Life Design Process guides you through navigating change, discovering your true passion, and putting your dreams to work.

We have history—and success. Despite a drastically changing workforce and a turbulent economy, our groundbreaking approach has stood the test of time and assisted over 20,000 people in their transitions. As a nonprofit organization, our focus is solely on you; we are authentically personable and connected with you. Whether you are choosing to change or circumstances are compelling change, with Centerpoint, you are not alone.

Centerpoint Changes Lives!

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