The Career Process

We encourage you to take our Life & Career Self-Test to assist you in identifying where you are in the career process.

Career Management

You are in a career that feels vital and satisfying. Now you want to stay on track, advance, fine-tune your balance, and hone your leadership skills.


Are you dissatisfied and considering a change but don’t see any sure alternatives? Do you feel trapped? Do you feel caught between wanting more and trying not to lose what you have? Knowing something has to shift is the first step.


Seeking a new vision for the future? Renewal is an active, inner-directed process requiring more than basic information about your skills. Through renewal you delve into deep learning and fundamental growth to recover your enthusiasm and sense of purpose. Renewal does not always mean a new career or job, but career and life are always recreated to allow room and expression for a more whole, alive self.


You are ready to explore what you want and what you have to give—your interests, values, style and strengths. This can be a mini-renewal process itself or one aspect of a deeper renewal. A minor change in career path may not require renewal, but successful change at every degree begins with a return to the questions “Who am I?” and “What do I want now?” Clarity is your goal at this stage.


You’re in the first stages of focusing your job search. With increased self knowledge as a compass, you are ready to identify promising options and begin a process of researching what you need to know to find the best fit—careers, markets, industries, and specific organizations.


You know what you want but aren’t sure how to find it. This step involves the nitty-gritty tools of the creative job search—the how. This process can be natural and enjoyable (even fun) if the stages preceding it have been completed successfully.

Visual Model of The Career Process