Our Team

Carol Vecchio

Founder, Master Career Counselor, Facilitator

Carol Vecchio's AvatarCarol Vecchio has been a career counselor since 1981 and founded the Centerpoint Institute for Life and Career Renewal in 1992. Her pioneering programs have positively impacted thousands upon thousands of people—many who couldn’t pinpoint their need at the time, but are now designing and living lives they love. Carol created the renowned Natural Cycles of Change, which is the foundation for her book, The Time Between Dreams as well as the guiding force for Centerpoint’s services.

Barbara Muller

Career Counselor, Facilitator

Barbara Muller's Avatar

I love to help people discover their passions and strengths and to create authentic, meaningful lives. I am impressed with how deeply and personally Centerpoint addresses these issues, with lots of attention given to each unique person we serve. By leveraging Centerpoint’s Passion Search and Navigating Change programs in my individual counseling work, I have had the opportunity and privilege to accompany clients through parts of their journeys. It’s exciting to see people who come in feeling lost or stuck learn to navigate change and listen to their hearts. As they take courageous steps toward what they discover, they realize the joy and meaning their passions bring to their lives.

Jennifer Weickum

Career Counselor, Facilitator

Jennifer Weickum's Avatar

I was immediately drawn to Centerpoint for its holistic approach to counseling and fresh perspective on career counseling. The individual focus provides an opportunity for self-discovery in an enriching and supportive environment. I love helping people discover their true passions and strengths. Centerpoint provides a unique and individualized experience that will allow you to discover your true inner passions and how to implement these passions in your everyday life.